How It Works uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to authenticate art by proving chain-of-ownership. The Bitcoin Blockchain is a database that cannot be modified and therefore can be used to generate certificates of authenticity that cannot be forged or modified. does not charge any fees to register an art piece. After you register, we will deposit enough bitcoin into your Artist/Gallery bitcoin address to register your first ten art pieces.

The image below is an example digital certificate of authentication for an art piece registered by Deborah Azzopardi. You can validate the Artist/Gallery bitcoin address shown on the certificate by clicking on the Artist/Gallery name. A webpage from the Artist/Gallery website will be displayed in a new window which shows the Artist/Gallery bitcoin address. The bitcoin address shown on the Artist/Gallery website will match the bitcoin address shown on which validates the bitcoin address since only the Artist/Gallery has the ability to modify their website.
Example art piece digital certificate of authentication: art piece digital certificate of authentication
Deborah Azzopardi website displaying bitcoin address:
Artist/Gallery website page showing bitcoin address

Watch these videos to learn more about how can be used to Authenticate art pieces:

Tutorial Video 1: General Operation

Tutorial Video 2: Generate Artist/Gallery Bitcoin Address

Tutorial Video 3: Generate and Regsiter Art-Piece Bitcoin Address

How Artist/Gallery registers art pieces

How buyer purchased art piece from artist or gallery

How buyer transfer ownership of art piece including certificate of authentication